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Dream Character in 3 Months – 1st Month

Do you are feeling trapped whenever you say the word DIETA?

Have you learnt find out how to merely shed weight? Do you assume there’s a universal guide to the dream character?

Specially designed for the PROMĚN 2016 FIT PARK fitness middle undertaking in Ostrava

Here’s a complete tutorial that may information you through the 3-month variable. I consider you possibly can drop a minimum of 10% of your personal weight in 3 months (eg 110 kg -> 99 kg) during this modification, however it is going to in all probability be rather more. The benefit is that the final weight will remain and the so-called “yojo effect” won’t occur, because it isn’t only a weight-reduction plan where your body will solely drain away, however when it’s primarily fats loss.

3 months is a long time in your physique to vary utterly and the load has not returned. The “Jojo effect” occurs mainly in diets that final just a few weeks.

However, they’re 3 months brief sufficient to endure the “other” regime mentally.

“Can I keep the diet longer?”

You’ll be able to, in fact, simply comply with the principles we’ll talk about in the 2nd and third elements of this collection.

This solution to a better character isn’t the one one, some might take a number of years and convey you a dramatic change, for instance in the form of 120 kg -> 75 kg, not a 3 month food regimen, however an entire new way of life, we’ll hold it for an additional article , right here we’ll talk about a 3-month change that no one will recognize you :-).

“And what to do when the diet ends? Do I get a pound back? ”

I don't need to promise you blue from heaven, however you possibly can only get back the load when you begin to overeat. Then again, in the event you eat with cause, deserved weight will remain eternally.

You might not need to hear it, but the rule is that the more you try to eat and the more you’re employed, the better the results.

In fact you possibly can maintain the weight loss plan 5 days every week and a couple of days every week have a free regime, but you’ll be able to't anticipate such good results and get to the desired weight a lot later.

I used to be in basic bodybuilding mode (9 months volume and 3 months food plan), which I went by way of a total of 5 occasions, there was all the time a lack of over 10 kg most of it was fat and power was all the time on the identical degree as before weight-reduction plan.

In my final eating regimen I dropped from 82 kg to 72 kg and I moved from 88 cm to 75 cm on the waist, all in just 3 months.

This food plan I went again 3 years and since then we now have gained from 72 kg to 75 kg, so solely about 1 kg in 1 yr and I’m proud of my character and I never once more need to “scrub”, truly typically I cease eating appropriately, but I all the time get again very simply to the load I’m glad with.

Someway I look an entire yr, whether or not it's summer time or winter, and I'm not going to give up on this character anymore, I can solely go on enhancing it.

As I wrote above, there are lots of methods to a better character, some are lengthy and require a everlasting change in consuming habits, some are brief and simply 3 months for an entire physique change. You possibly can attempt any food plan corresponding to carbohydrate waves, CKD, paleo and different diets, all diets work if they are set appropriately.

I will personally present you the right way to do it using a basic bodybuilding food regimen that I feel is the simplest method to get a desired character. Weight loss plan works for everybody without exception for the next causes:

  1. You eat the same every single day (zero room for weight-reduction plan violation)
  2. You eat a little less than you usually ate (if your average every day consumption is less than the current, the load will go down)
  3. Solely sluggish carbohydrates, high-quality proteins and healthy fats (the proper selection of food will assist to get better outcomes)
  4. If you don’t drop pounds, you’ll take down carbohydrates (by simply taking 50g of carbohydrates / day, the load will move down again)
  5. Every thing is underneath management (in the event you don't die, it's straightforward to find a mistake)

Taking an image, getting on the size or taking a meter and measuring it isn’t straightforward at first, for many of you it’s your nightmare, but consider me that in 3 months you’ll be very joyful that you simply solely photographed in underwear .

1) Think about

There’s nothing easier than to face on the size and write down a number. While weight isn’t the one issue that impacts weight reduction in the weight-reduction plan, you possibly can drop pounds with out taking place, but don't take it as a 100% rule. Normally, if the load has not shifted even a kilo in the primary three weeks, the food regimen is poorly set.

In addition, the load itself is a really variable measure, and as you’ll be able to see in the picture, the load is undulating and does not drop continuously, so you all the time should take weight on average for a couple of days earlier than having a nasty mood because at this time I weigh more than yesterday.

When you like numbers, tables and graphs, I recommend to weigh every morning in the same state of affairs and in the same clothes. And if you want to take it actually critically, contemplate your self in the evening (in time you’ll work out how much you lose in a single day and in the night you will understand how a lot you weigh in the morning). Common measurements will provide you with unimaginable management over your food plan.

Development of weight in diet for 3 months

Improvement of weight in food plan for 3 months

2) Take a photo

Why take footage? Are you positive you’ve gotten lots of pictures, however how many of these pictures are in a neutral angle and only in their underwear? Consider me, in 3 months you will see this photograph helpful, because in 3 months you’ll rise to the identical place and you will see that a utterly totally different individual is in the identical place and you may be really pleased for the 3 months previous photograph.

You do not want to submit pictures or present them to anyone, but perhaps after 3 months you’ll be able to take pleasure in them with family and associates. These photographs will certainly be a motivation for you and others.

And by some means my final 3-month change appeared like that. And I’ve to say that I am very joyful to have the pictures taken at first of the eating regimen :-).


3) Measure

Pricey and photograph shoot is, in my opinion, more essential in the eating regimen than in the measurement, but I still consider that you may be very happy if you learn how much cm you’ve gotten misplaced over problematic elements.

By metro you can too management the loss of muscle mass (especially in men), in the event you get just a few centimeters over your palms, breasts and legs and on the similar time drop a couple of centimeters in your waist, the muscle loss ought to be minimal.


1) Routine

Daily very comparable food, you will know that you’ve exactly set values ​​for food that it’s a must to eat. The only thing that may differ would be the elements from which you’ll prepare dinner the dish. For instance, once will probably be a rice, then it might be a potato or a bit, no matter what you choose, the primary factor shall be how a lot you give it, however day by day it is going to have the identical variety of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats).

These predetermined values ​​and their day by day routine will be sure that you’ll not have room for quite a lot of goodies in your eating regimen that may lead you out of the best way.

2) Simple meals

Will probably be splendid for you to think about each part of the meal separately and put the food together. There are 4 elements on the plate:

  1. Carbohydrates (Annex)
  2. Protein (meat, fish, egg)
  3. Fat (oils, nuts)
  4. Taste (spices, herbs)

Such simple meals will prevent a whole lot of hassle counting macronutrients in complicated meals. There’s nothing easier than taking for instance 150g turkey breasts, spicing them with a bit chili, frying them on 1 tablespoon of olive oil and adding 60g of rice to the plate, which is a flavored curry. We will then calculate the approximate values ​​(30g of protein, 50g of carbohydrates and 10g of fat) for such food and we know that no food spoiled us. These 4 elements are as follows for such food:

  1. Carbohydrates = 60g rice
  2. Protein = 150g turkey breast
  3. Fat = 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  4. Flavor = curry, chili

Attempt to make your weight loss plan simple and will probably be much more likely that every thing goes as deliberate. The worst thing is, when you’re making an attempt to prepare dinner healthy versions of unhealthy meals in your weight loss plan, which can spoil your food plan unnecessarily.


3) You already know your body

You may be in management of your day by day consumption and after the primary week you can find out how your body responds to a specific amount of food. With the results of the earlier week, you will all the time be capable of modify your weight loss plan for the subsequent week, so you all the time get the best velocity.

For example: Proteins and fat are set appropriately, however you could have had too much carbohydrate (400g / day), 2 kg in the first week of your food regimen. If this happens, it definitely gained't please you, sadly, the food plan values ​​are incorrect. Methods to regulate weight-reduction plan to drop extra pounds? Simply. Take carbohydrates to 300g / day, with much less every day consumption of 400 kcal day by day and your weight down once more.

Then again, in the event you set the carbohydrates to a really small worth, for instance, 50g / day and lose 5kg in the primary week, then 1) either your body has retained a considerable amount of water or 2) the eating regimen is about poorly and you lose lots of muscle with fats.

Figuring out your physique is an important a part of this food plan, as a result of you’ll all the time know the way to change your weight loss plan for the subsequent week to reduce weight for an additional week.

4) Write down the whole lot you eat

Your every day food regimen is among the most essential elements of the entire food plan. Why? Because you get unimaginable control over your whole day by day meal intake. You will all the time have the ability to go back and discover out the place you made mistakes, writing a weight-reduction plan will even provide help to not to spoil the weight-reduction plan, it isn’t straightforward to join a weight loss plan menu for example 2 donuts :-).

Your food plan can take many varieties:

  • Diary, notebook, workbook, paper, calendar
  • Digital Notes (word, excel, google docs)
  • Digital calendar (I recommend it because it’s obtainable each on the telephone and in the PC and you’ve got it with you on a regular basis)
  • Photographs (take an image of each meal you eat)
This is how a summary of your diets in your Google Calendar might look like this

This is how the abstract of your weight loss plan in Google Calendar might appear to be this

In the weight-reduction plan you eat daily the same, so setting the values ​​is very important, as you’ve got already discovered in part 3) you already know your body, so it’s all the time essential to regulate the food plan barely if it is set poorly, so that weight reduction continues at an inexpensive pace. For each macronutrient I convey you a transparent desk of how a lot you’ll want to eat at a certain physique weight.

Keep in mind, the tables are for reference only and are the start line for many who do not know their physique in any respect. Usually, the weight-reduction plan must be adjusted backwards. Each physique is totally different and there are instances the place a 120kg guy eats the same quantity of food as a 60kg lady who typically does sports activities. Subsequently, do not rely on totally different basal metabolic patterns and tables, however relatively take them as a place to begin after which regulate your eating regimen based mostly on your weight-reduction plan.

1) What number of meals a day?

For a basic carbohydrate food regimen, I personally choose Four-6 meals a day, either 3 larger meals, the rest of a smaller meal, or all meals the identical measurement. With the fact that carbohydrates are evenly divided into all meals apart from the very last.

4-6 meals are the perfect quantity primarily because of the carbohydrates you eat in your food plan. Your aim in the food plan is to have a secure blood sugar throughout the day. Simply put, each meal that incorporates carbohydrates will improve your blood sugar (the rate of improve determines the glycemic index, the lower the slower the blood sugar increases and how much it increases the amount of carbohydrates in the meal).

High and speedy fluctuations in blood sugar are undesirable in the weight loss plan and may lead to fat achieve, candy urge for food, complications, and different dietary problems.

2) Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the only macronutrient to vary over 3 months. Your day by day carbohydrate intake will decide when you lose or achieve weight. For those who don't drop a few pounds / drop a few pounds very slowly, simply take 50g of carbohydrates / day for the subsequent week and look back at your next week.

This weight loss plan ought to be particularly simple, so for those who prepare dinner solely from the components listed in the table, it should make your food regimen a lot simpler.

The macronutrient values ​​discovered in the desk are barely modified from the block weight loss plan. The desk doesn’t comply with the load, but slightly the sensation and as I wrote above, every individual is totally different and weight just isn’t the one measure for determining the number of macronutrients. So it is extremely necessary to look back each week to see if the eating regimen is working or not and regulate the portion of the carbohydrate.

Distribute the carbohydrates evenly into all meals for the entire day, leaving out the carbohydrates only in the final meal. Within the last meal, exchange the carbohydrates with low-carbohydrate greens (see meals source table under).

How Many Carbs Eat Each Day?

I recommend to place in the category in which you need to be and if the load goes down too fast, move one class up.

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”]

Vertical tabs

[su_tabs] [su_tab title=”Ženy”] Smaller lady = 100g of carbohydrates / day and fewer

Medium lady = 100-125g carbohydrates / day

Larger lady = 125g carbohydrate / day and extra

A very lively lady with numerous muscle mass can add 50-100g of carbohydrates / day

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Muži”] Smaller man = 150g carbohydrates / day or less

Medium male = 150-200g carbohydrates / day

Massive man = 200g carbohydrates / day and extra

A really lively man with numerous muscle mass can add 50-150g of carbohydrates / day

[/su_tab] [/su_tabs]


3) Proteins

Have you learnt what all practical diets have in widespread? You eat enough protein daily.

The correct quantity of high-quality protein will allow you to in your food regimen to protect muscle mass and assist with weight loss.

When you’ve got a protein deficiency, you might either drop pounds or lose a whole lot of muscle. However, should you overuse the protein unnecessarily, your digestion might be overloaded and your body will protest.

The perfect quantity is individual, someone can have digestive problems already at 1.5g of protein / 1kg of body weight, however there are individuals who feel good even at 2.5g of protein / 1kg of body weight. For me personally, this perfect vary is between 1.7-2g of protein / 1kg of physique weight, which makes my physique (75kg) 127.5-150g protein / day, the larger the values ​​often result in dietary issues.

In case you are switching from a standard food regimen, you in all probability have a scarcity of protein in your eating regimen and begin eating 4-6x a day protein for you and you’ll be pleased to eat at the very least 1.5g of protein / day per day. Over time, you’ll get used to regular protein intake and there might be no drawback for you to attain the desired values.

Divide the protein evenly into all meals throughout the day. The simplest means to do that is to weigh the required amount of protein, prepare dinner it all of sudden and divide it into X equal portions. See the Meals Sources table under for protein sources.

How A lot Protein Eat Each Day?

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”]

Vertical tabs

[su_tabs] [su_tab title=”Ženy”] Smaller lady = 90-120g protein / day

Middle lady = 105-135g protein / day

Larger lady = 120-150g protein / day

A really lively lady with numerous muscle mass can add 25-50g of protein / day

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Muži”] Smaller man = 100-150g protein / day or less

Medium male = 130-180g protein / day

Huge man = 150-200g protein / day and extra

A really lively man with numerous muscle mass can add 50-75g of protein / day

[/su_tab] [/su_tabs]


Four) Fats

Even in case you are making an attempt to lose fats in your food plan, you continue to have to have some fats in your weight-reduction plan. Fat are wanted for the right functioning of the body, help with the absorption of some nutritional vitamins and in addition help the right functioning of the hormones.

Sadly, fats with carbohydrates don’t go very nicely, particularly fast carbohydrates with dangerous fats (virtually each candy that yow will discover in the store), and whenever you eat this mix your weight grows with none issues.

Sluggish carbohydrates with an inexpensive quantity of wholesome fat have a constructive somewhat than a unfavourable effect. In this food plan you’ll have healthy fats solely a minimal quantity wanted as much as 50g fat / day regardless of sex and weight.

Add a minimum of some wholesome fat to each meal. Whether it is a spoonful of oil, a couple of peanuts, fat in meat (solely from a great source or fish) or fish oil in capsules. In the last meal of the day, you’ll be able to add healthy fat (10-20g) as a result of it doesn't include any carbohydrates.

How many fat eat day-after-day?

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”]

Vertical tabs

[su_tabs] [su_tab title=”Ženy”] No matter weight up to 50g / day

As much as 10g of fats in 1 meal (see food supply desk)

10-20g of fats in the final meal

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Muži”] No matter weight as much as 50g / day

As much as 10g of fats in 1 meal (see meals supply desk)

10-20g of fats in the final meal

[/su_tab] [/su_tabs]


5) Consuming regime

The final and essential part of the food plan is the consuming regime. It is vital to unravel two elements of the consuming regime and what you drink and the way a lot you drink.

What can I drink in a food regimen?

The idea of the entire consuming regime of at the least 80-90% is pure water, which must be drunk throughout the day. It’s preferrred not to search for anything difficult in the consuming regime and drink only clean water for 3 months, whether it’s faucet water or unsweetened mineral water.

The remaining 10-20% may be drinks that do not include sugar. So, for example, espresso or tea, or, exceptionally, calorie-free beverages with solely Coca Cola Zero, Mild, and so forth. Drinks that include only artificial sweeteners aren’t preferrred in your health, but typically aid you to cease sweet tastes and weight reduction. won’t disturb.

Notice: Espresso and green / black tea are fairly welcome in the weight-reduction plan because they help the load loss course of and make it easier to begin your physique whenever you really feel exhausted. Caffeine and inexperienced tea extract are often a part of fat burners.

What can't I drink in a food regimen?

All the things that incorporates sugar, milk sugar and other several types of sugar (extra about sugars right here). So you can’t, for instance, soda, beer and different alcohol, fruit juices, but in addition milk, yoghurt drinks, and so forth. Properly, and naturally, in the event you can't milk, you shouldn't even drink milk espresso. Also watch out for ionic drinks, that are often filled with sugar or full sweeteners (learn the composition).

Why so many restrictions?

  1. Carbohydrates in this food regimen are restricted and it isn’t value taking them in a liquid state
  2. The carbohydrates you drink are too “quick” and can do extra harm than good in your physique
  3. The aforementioned drinks are largely the rationale you plan to start out a weight loss plan

3 months is absolutely not a long time and I consider that you can do without coffee with milk or beer.

How much do I have to drink?

Lack of unpolluted water might be one of the the reason why you aren’t shedding weight even in case you have enough train.

I don't need to offer you any tables about consuming mode because you have already got a full head of meals info, but will probably be sufficient to maintain up with simple advice.

“Keep drinking water with you all day and drink it regularly from morning to evening. Drink sometimes, even if you are not thirsty. ”

Whether or not there’s enough water in the toilet, the wealthy yellow to orange is just not your good friend. (Some vitamins might play a task in colour, so don't stress out if you already know you're consuming sufficient.)


Sample values

In the tables above I will present you an example of some typical individuals.

1) Lively athlete, male, 85 kg, motion 5 occasions every week

A fictitious sportsman has some muscle tissue, but in addition loads of fat, his abdomen muscle tissues can't be seen. He has a total free regime and may adapt.

The motion is sufficient and for the first month it is going to be sufficient to fix the meals, the subsequent month will need to barely modify the carbohydrates, add motion might be sufficient in the third month

Number of meals per day: 5
Carbohydrates: 250g / day (upper male 200g and + 50g additional 5x weekly)
Protein: 150g / day (attempt gold imply and see how the body behaves)
Fat: <50g / day

Food regimen at 5 meals per day:

[su_tabs] [su_tab title=”1. jídlo”] 60g carbohydrates

30g protein

<10g fats[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”2. jídlo”]60g carbohydrates

30g protein

<10g fat [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”3. jídlo”]60g carbohydrates

30g protein

<10g fat [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”4. jídlo”]60g carbohydrates

30g protein

<10g fat [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”5. jídlo”]0g carbohydrates

30g protein

10-20g fats[/su_tab][/su_tabs]

2) Weekend sportsman, lady, 80 kg, Zero-1x weekly

A lady with no motion, workplace work in the course of the week and a weekend, when it comes out, goes to badminton together with her buddies.

There was no need to adjust much for the athlete, the state of affairs is totally different. The first month shall be primarily about attending to know and starting up metabolism. You’ll definitely want so as to add a motion that may only be taken from the start in the type of longer walks and no less than 2-3 occasions every week it will be applicable to add easy primary workouts, ideally beneath coaching supervision. The weight loss plan will start to run nicely in the second month, when the physique permits extra movement and gets used to the new regime.

Variety of meals per day (previous): 2
Meals per day (new): 4
Carbohydrates: 120g / day (preliminary check week for the primary week, adjusted for weight loss)
Protein: 120g / day (80kg body requires somewhat more protein, plus muscle mass to help with weight loss)
Fat: <50g / day

Weight loss plan at 5 meals per day:

[su_tabs] [su_tab title=”1. jídlo”] 40g carbohydrates

30g protein

<10g fat[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”2. jídlo”]40g carbohydrates

30g protein

<10g fats [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”3. jídlo”]40g carbohydrates

30g protein

<10g fats [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”4. jídlo”]0g carbohydrates

30g protein

10-20g fats [/su_tab][/su_tabs]

3) Unsportsman, man, 130 kg, transfer 0x every week

Man totally immobile, over every week's workplace work.

A much more extreme case than a lady in the previous instance. In contrast to 2) it has a way more established metabolism and consumes a lot larger quantities of meals. Right here, a a lot better answer for the first month will solely be to wash the eating regimen from processed products, sugars and unhealthy fat. Exchange the fried aspect dishes with regular aspect dishes and maintain the protein degree secure. Within the first month, add an analogous transfer like 2), so longer walks / lighter cardio coaching and primary workouts, ideally beneath coaching. It is worthwhile to start out a food plan of healthier way of life after the initial 2-3 months, as a result of this physique will drop some pounds with no strict eating regimen.

After 2-3 months, the load loss menu might seem like this:

Number of meals per day (previous): eight
Meals per day (new): 6
Carbohydrates: 300g / day (such a large physique with a operating metabolism will probably be hungry and we have to help it in burning)
Protein: 200g / day (130kg is mostly a lot and 200g of protein is simply about ~ 1.5 occasions its personal weight)
Fat: <50g / day

Eating regimen at 6 meals per day:

[su_tabs] [su_tab title=”1. jídlo”] 60g carbohydrates

35g protein

<10g fat[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”2. jídlo”]60g carbohydrates

30g protein

<10g fats [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”3. jídlo”]60g carbohydrates

35g protein

<10g fat [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”4. jídlo”]60g carbohydrates

35g protein

<10g fats [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”5. jídlo”]60g carbohydrates

30g protein

<10g fat [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”6. jídlo”]0g carbohydrates

35g protein

10-20g fats [/su_tab] [/su_tabs]


Meals Sources

Under you will see that an inventory of foods on which to food plan. In fact, you should use another food, but I would like the weight loss plan to be so simple as attainable, so food decisions might be limited.

In case you study to use herbs, spices and numerous sources of cooking (cooking, stewing, baking, and so forth.), you should not have to eat twice the identical meals for 3 months.

For the precise values ​​of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, use the vitamin tables either on the high-quality overseas website NutritionData or on the Czech website kaloricketabulky.cz.

Sources of carbohydrates

Select mainly sluggish carbohydrates (avoid excessive glycemic index meals). If you wish to make your eating regimen so simple as attainable, I like to recommend basmati rice, boiled potatoes and couscous as a source of carbohydrates.

The fruit additionally often accommodates low-glycemic carbohydrates however incorporates them in the type of fructose, which is sadly not very appropriate for the food plan. Solely eat fruit exceptionally and keep in mind to rely it to your day by day carbohydrate consumption.

So far as greens are involved, there are 2 primary categories of carbohydrates.

  • 1st category vegetables virtually with out carbohydrates – you wouldn’t have to rely these carbohydrates
    • Most inexperienced and leafy greens make spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and extra
  • Category 2 Vegetables That Accommodates Some Carbohydrates
    • different vegetables akin to tomato, carrot, onion and extra

For accurate carbohydrate values ​​in vegetables and fruits, use the dietary values ​​tables and keep in mind to deduct the fruit and vegetable carbohydrates out of your day by day intake.

As for legumes, losing a few pounds on them is simply as difficult as counting, as a result of they include, in addition to carbohydrates, extra protein (not very appropriate when their amino acids will not be well-combined). Legumes may also carry digestive problems that don’t help weight reduction and can even promote undesirable water retention.

Sugar sources advisable

Values ​​are uncooked.

[su_tabs] [su_tab title=”Nejvhodnější sacharidy”]Build the entire eating regimen on these carbohydrates

Rice – 77g S / 100g | 100g S / 130g

Potatoes – 20g S / 100g | 100g S / 500g

Couscous – 70g S / 100g | 100g S / 142g

Pasta (exceptionally) – 72g S / 100g | 100g S / 139g

Vegetables (see above)

Forest fruit (in smaller portions)

Millet, buckwheat, flakes and different complicated carbohydrates (examine the values ​​in the tables)[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Méně vhodné sacharidy”]Eat these carbohydrates solely sometimes or under no circumstances

Other fruits


Racio, crackers and extra

Pastry[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Nevhodné sacharidy”]Skip these carbohydrates utterly for 3 months

All products that include sugar

Milk products with high carbohydrate content material (milk and ideally yoghurts)

Fruit juices

High glycemic index carbohydrates

And virtually every thing else that wasn't talked about[/su_tab][/su_tabs]

Protein sources

Should you train and assume significantly, not solely in the weight-reduction plan it’s worthwhile to provide your body with top quality protein.

In this eating regimen, it is going to be a lot simpler for you to eat carbohydrates with virtually no fat (lean meat) and people fats (salmon, steaks, eggs, and so on.) till the final meal of the day carbohydrates.

Proteins are divided into full-fledged and unfit, relying on how the body can use them. Simply put, flawless proteins (particularly plant proteins, apart from a couple of exceptions) can’t absolutely utilize the physique, which is why vegetarians should mix totally different protein sources in one meal to make them filled with a number of unfit proteins. While a full-fledged protein can make a a lot better use of the body in your food regimen, it’ll enable you to shield muscle mass or construct one other in case you are a beginner.

Pokud se budete dívat do tabulek, tak zjistíte, že například rýže a další sacharidové potraviny obsahují menší množství bílkovin, tyto bílkoviny jsou bohužel neplnohodnotné a professional zjednodušení je nebudete počítat do denního příjmu, z rýže započítáte pouze sacharidy.

Doporučené zdroje bílkovin

Hodnoty jsou v syrovém stavu.

[su_tabs] [su_tab title=”Bílkoviny (bez tuků)”]Vhodné zdroje bílkovin (bez tuků)

Pro zjednodušení doporučuji počítat všechno libové maso jako 20g B  / 100g

Kuřecí prsa 22,5g B / 100g

Krůtí prsa 24g B / 100g

Hovězí svíčková 20g B + 3g T / 100g

Vepřová panenka 20g B + 5g T / 100g

Tuňák ve vlastní šťávě 25g B / 100g

Aljašská treska 15g B / 100g

Tilapie 20g B / 100g

Pstruh 19g B / 100g

Krevety 20g B / 100g

Syrovatkový protein

Ostatní proteiny

Vaječný bílek 3.5g B / 1 vejce

Tvaroh odtučněný 30g B + 9g S / 250g (1 balení)

Řecký jogurt Milko 14g B + 5g S + 0g T / 140g (1 balení) – malý zázrak mezi jogurty, normálně jogurty neobsahují mnoho bílkovin

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Bílkoviny (s tukem)”]Vhodné zdroje bílkovin (s tukem)

Při konzumaci těchto bílkovin omezte sacharidy. Ideální na poslední jídlo dne dohromady se zeleninou.

Vejce 6g B + 6g T / 1 kus “M”

Hovězí kližka 20g B + 9g T / 100g

Losos s kůží 20g B + 7g T / 100g

Sýry 25-30g B + 25-30g T / 100g

A další živočišné zdroje, které obsahují hodně bílkovin a zároveň více tuku.[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Nevhodné bílkoviny”]Tyto bílkoviny na 3 měsíce úplně vynechte

Většina rostlinných bílkovin

Bílkoviny z některých mléčných výrobků (jogurty, mléko, podmáslí a další výrobky s vysokým obsahem zbytečných sacharidů)

Sója (je spíše o úhlu pohledu, článek proč ano/ne zde)


A další neuvedené zdroje.[/su_tab][/su_tabs]

Zdroje tuků

Jak už jsem psal dříve, tak tuky jsou v této dietě velmi omezené pouze na množství do 10g / jídlo a na 10-20g v posledním jídle dne. Tohle omezení vám neskutečně ušetří kontrolu nad celým jídelníčkem, protože pokud bude něco špatně, tak bílkovin i tuků budete jíst stále stejně, ale jenom upravíte sacharidy.

Jelikož tuky budete přijímat minimálně, tak je velice vhodné, aby byly z dobrého zdroje.

Doporučené zdroje tuků

Hodnoty jsou v syrovém stavu.

[su_tabs] [su_tab title=”Vhodné tuky (<10g tuků)”]Vhodné tuky (velikost porce 10g)

Napsané je maximální množství na 1 porci, pokud bílkoviny obsahují také tuky, tak níže uvedené tuky omezte.

1 polévková lžíce olivového, kokosového, avokádového oleje

1 polévková lžíce (zarovnaná, bez kopečku) másla, přepuštěného másla (ghee), sádla

1/2 hrsti ořechů/semínek (nepražené/nesolené varianty)

1/Four avokáda

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Vhodné tuky (10-20g tuků)”]Vhodné tuky (poslední jídlo, 10-20g)

Všechny tuky uvedené v kategorii do 10g

A všechny tuky v kategorii “Vhodné zdroje bílkovin (s tukem)”, živočišné tuky jsou ideální vždy z domácího chovu

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Nevhodné tuky”]Tyto tuky na 3 měsíce úplně vynechte

Ostatní tuky (rostlinný, sojový, kukuřičný a další)


A další průmyslově zpracované tuky[/su_tab][/su_tabs]

Jak cvičit v dietě?

Cvičení příliš rozebírat nebudu, protože je toho opravdu mnoho, co by bylo potřeba vysvětlit.

Ideální je pokud budete cvičit větší polovinu týdne, tzn. 4-6x týdně s tím, že první měsíc diety postačí klasické posilování nebo silové cvičení. A kardio tréninky stačí přidát, až se hubnutí zpomalí.

Není příliš vhodné hubnout pouze pomoci kardio tréninku (běh, spinning, leaping a další) a pomoci klidnějších cvičení (např. jóga). Mnohem lepší je posilování s vlastní váhou nebo činkami, tyto typy cvičení se do diety mnohem více hodí. Patří zde například klasické kulturistické a silové tréninky, ale také CrossFit, kruhový trénink, Freeletics a mnoho dalších.

Trénink je samozřejmě vhodné přizpůsobit dané postavě, takže např. skupinová hodina kruhového tréninku opravdu nebude příliš vhodná professional někoho, kdo má 60 kg nadváhu a posledních 10 let necvičil.

Pokud cvičíte pravidelně, tak v mnoha případech bude professional vás ideální pokračovat v tom stylu cvičení, který pravidelně provádíte a přidat občasný kardio trénink.

A nezapomeňte, že mnohem lepší je v dietě cvičit pravidelně na 90%, než se 1x přetrénovat a pak se 5 dní nepohnout.

Pokud budete držet dietu alespoň 2 týdny a váha se nepohnula směrem dolů ani o 1 kg, tak buď začínáte s cvičením hubnete tuk a zároveň nabíráte svaly (což je to nejlepší, co se může dít) nebo je v dietě něco špatně. Pokaždé, když nebudete hubnout, tak si projděte všechny níže vypsané physique.

1) Zkontrolujte svůj jídelníček

Pokud si píšete jídelníček, tak je vhodné se raz za čas podívat zpět a zjistit, kde jste udělali chybu. Při kontrole si vzpomeňte, jak jste jídelníček plánovali a porovnejte to s vaším aktuálním jídelníček.

Máte přesné množství sacharidů? Jíte dostatek bílkovin? Nejsou v jídelníčku nějaké skryté tuky? (např. místo libového masa jíte vepřovou krkovici) Kolik máte jídel přes den? Existují lepší varianty potravin, které jíte? (např. přestaňte jíst hotovky a začněte si vařit) A mnoho dalších otázek, které mohou ukázat, jak se váš plánovaný jídelníček liší od toho reálného.

2) Začněte jíst častěji

Pokud ráno máte kafe, protože nestíháte, na oběd máte jen něco menšího a najíte se pořádně až večer, tak bude potřeba znova přepracovat jídelníček a začít jíst pravidelně v průběhu celého dne.

Ideálně začněte jídlem hned po ránu (pokud nestíháte ráno doma snídat, tak si dejte alespoň syrovátkový protein) a skončete posledním jídlem, které je bez sacharidů, tak 2-3 hodiny před spaním.

Množství jídla během celého dne může zůstat stejné postačí je rozdělit pouze do více menších porcí.

3) Vyměňte “rychlé” sacharidy za jejich “pomalejší” varianty

Jak už jsem výše psal, tak “rychlost” vstřebávání sacharidů určuje hlavně glykemický index. Často pomůže začít jíst pomalejší verze sacharidů (budete mít menší výkyvy krevního cukru a menší chutě na jídlo).

Například pečené brambory jsou poměrně rychlým sacharidem (GI = 82) a jejich výměna za klasické vařené brambory (GI = 66) může pomoci s další redukcí hmotnosti.

4) Jíte správné množství bílkovin?

Jak nedostatečné množství bílkovin, tak i nadbytek bílkovin mohou být příčinou toho, proč nehubnete. Spočítejte si z vašeho jídelníčku, kolik přijímáte bílkovin a jaký byl váš původní plán. Také si vzpomeňte na poslední dny, pokud jste měli od začátku diety zažívací potíže, tak to může být způsobeno nadbytkem bílkovin. Na druhou stranu pokud vám po několika týdnech v dietě razantně spadlá síla a shodili jste nějaké svaly, tak bílkovin máte ve stravě málo.

5) Pozor na skryté tuky

Některé druhy masa mohou obsahovat až kolem 20g tuků / 100g masa, to samé se týká sýru, kde jsou hodnoty ještě trochu větší. Zkuste se podívat kolik gramů tuků obsahují jednotlivé zdroje bílkovin, které v dietě máte.

Zkuste vyměnit tyto tučnější kousky za jejich libovější varianty. Pokud i nadále budete tyto zdroje bílkovin mít, tak v daném jídle nahraďte větší část sacharidů za zeleninu.

6) Uberte zpracované výrobky a jídla, která si nepřipravíte sami

Jak velkou část vašeho jídelníčku tvoří zpracované výrobky, jídla v restauracích, fastfoodech, menzách, u rodiny apod.? Zpracované výrobky a jídla, která si nepřipravíte sami bohužel většinou obsahují mnoho zbytečného navíc. Mohou obsahovat například mnohem více sacharidů (hlavně cukrů) a tuků, které byste si sami do jídla nedali.

U zpracovaných výrobku čtěte složení. Fastfoodům, restauracím a menzám se vyhněte. No a babičkám nevěřte, že v tom salátu opravdu nic není, to jídlo chutná tak dobře, protože tam většinou ten cukr a tuk navíc je. Zpracované jídla mohou obsahovat kromě zbytečného cukru, také velké množství soli a mnoho dalších zbytečných látek.

Bohužel ideálním řešením, jak přežít s jídlem v dietě mimo domov je buď si vše navařit a “nakrabičkovat” nebo si koupit svačiny, které jde jíst i na cestách například kvalitní šunka + suchary + oříšky.

7) Přidejte více pohybu

Čím více budete trénovat tím větší výdej budete mít a také vám zbude méně času na jídlo.

Pozor si dejte jen na přetrénování, opravdu není potřeba v dietě trénovat dvou fázově 6x týdně pokud nejste vrcholový sportovec.

Změnu v tréninku mohou udělat například také i kratší pauzy a více intenzivnější trénink. Vaše tělo si z intenzivnějšího tréninku odnese mnohem větší odezvu.

Právě jste si pročetli kompletní, jak získat svojí vysněnou postavu za 3 měsíce, teď už vám nezbývá nic jiného, než tento návod využít, vytvořit si vlastní jídelníček a co nejdříve začít s dietou.

Pokud vám není něco jasné, tak se ozvěte v komentářích pod článkem.

Chcete poradit s jídelníčkem? Ozvěte se na [email protected] a domluvíme se na dalším postupu.