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Gluten Free Alcohol List – Ultimate Guide to Liquor, Beer, and Cider (2019)

Final updated on June 11, 2019

Discovering a protected and scrumptious gluten free alcoholic beverage has grow to be growingly troublesome.

From the continued debate about distilled alcohol being gluten free or not to the unintentional mix ups by the bartender, it’s a challenge to find a gluten free alcoholic beverage that works for you and your weight-reduction plan.

The Ultimate Gluten Free Alcohol List

In this gluten free alcohol listing, you’ll discover all the beers, exhausting ciders, vodkas, rums, tequilas, and other exhausting liquors which might be gluten free. Just notice that if a product or model has (don’t drink if allergic to gluten) it’s because it’s not really protected for anyone with Celiac or a gluten sensitivity. Though these alcohols are “gluten free” or “wheat free” there’s nonetheless a really small trace of gluten in them, even after the distillation course of. Although this trace of gluten is microscopic, really delicate Celiacs or gluten allergenic people might have a unfavourable reaction to those merchandise.

So just be protected and drink what you assume is greatest on your physique.

Here’s what you’ll find in this gluten free alcohol itemizing. (Just click on on the class to be taken straight to the precise section of the record)


Although I’m very confident in this listing, I’m human, so mistakes might have been made. I urge you to please double examine the labels of alcoholic drinks to be sure that they are really gluten free.

So with that being stated, let’s simply straight into this gluten free alcohol listing.

(Ensure to bookmark this page as new additions might be made typically!)

Gluten free beers are becoming extra obtainable and more delicious by the day. With loads of craft breweries popping up, the difficulty is not making an attempt to find a gluten free beer, but as an alternative, making an attempt to find the right one on your palette.

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gluten free hard cider brands

In case you absolutely HATE beer, then you must undoubtedly attempt a scrumptious exhausting cider. Plus, there are a log of brands which might be gluten free! Just keep in mind that not all exhausting ciders are gluten free as a result of some brands do barley for enzymes and flavor. So make sure to read the labels rigorously.

Listed here are all of the gluten free arduous ciders you could take a look at:

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gluten free vodka brands

Vodka is a really tough alcohol for gluten free drinkers. You see, technically, through the distillation means of the vodka, the gluten proteins from wheat based mostly vodkas is meant to be eliminated. Nevertheless, many people have claimed that these vodkas (created from wheat) still include gluten, thus leaving them feeling sick and nauseous. So to be protected, avoid all wheat based mostly vodkas when you’ve got Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.

Nevertheless, you possibly can still opt for a non-wheat, potato, corn, or grape based mostly vodka which are sometimes cleared for gluten free consumption.

Listed here are all the protected gluten free vodka manufacturers which you can buy and take pleasure in:

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gluten free tequila brands

When tequila is made the normal means with a blue agave plant is naturally gluten free. Nevertheless, there are low cost manufacturers that include gluten, which are referred to as “mixto.” So to make it possible for your tequila is gluten free, make certain that the bottle says, “100% agave.”

Listed under are solely the popular gluten free tequila manufacturers:

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gluten free rum brands

Rum, which is a distilled alcoholic drink constructed from molasses and sugarcane is usually thought-about gluten free. The one time you could have to worry about whether or not or not they include gluten is that if a flavor is launched to the rum. But should you stick to a plain rum, you’re often within the clear.

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Gluten Free Gin Manufacturers

Technically, via distillation gin is often gluten free. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that in case you are allergic to gluten or reside with Celiac Disease, then you need to avoid all gins which are comprised of wheat, rye, and barley and as an alternative attempt gin derived from different sources like corn, potatoes, and grapes.

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Gluten Free Exhausting Sodas

Although many main onerous root beer and soda corporations brew with malt, there are a handful which are brewed with gluten free elements. Listed here are all of the gluten free onerous soda brands you can attempt:

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Gluten Free Arduous Seltzer

Arduous seltzer are constructed from purified water that has been infused with scrumptious fruit flavors along with alcohol that has been derived from gluten free malt alcohol. Listed here are all of the gluten free bubbly exhausting seltzer beverages which might be gluten free:

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Other Gluten Free Liquors and Brands

other gluten free alcohol and brands

Listed here are a few of the other gluten free alcohol decisions together with whiskey, gin, brandy, and extra.

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Common Gluten Free Alcohol FAQs

Listed here are the preferred gluten free alcohol questions most readers have a tendency to have:

Is wine gluten free?

Sure, all wine is gluten free!

Most wine tends to be gluten free from an elements perspective. The only time wine may be suspect to glutenous components or cross contamination is from the wheat paste/sealant used in wine barrels.

This sealant typically have a tendency to leak into the wine thus cross contaminating the wine.

Nevertheless, most wineries are starting to take away this paste from their barrels.

So when you do have any questions about whether or not a wine incorporates gluten, it’s advised to contact the vineyard immediately to see if their wines or barrels include any wheat or glutenous elements.

But on a aspect notice, in the event you’re in search of scrumptious wines to experience and attempt, I recommend you take a look at one in every of these wine subscription bins.

Principally the best way it really works is that each firm will send you a box of wine which are all based mostly in your tastes and palette.

It really is a reasonably superior concept!

Is distilled alcohol gluten free?

Although arduous liquors resembling vodka, bourbon, whiskey, gin, and scotch are constructed from glutenous grains, they’re truly made gluten free by way of the rigorous distillation course of.

So principally although some liquors are made with gluten, after distillation, all the gluten is removed from the final product.

Fortunately, there are a pair fool proof liquors which are often all the time gluten free similar to tequila which is made out of agave, rum which is made out of sugar cane, and brandy which is principally distilled wine.

All of which are not produced from wheat or any glutenous primary components.

Is rum gluten free?

Rum is gluten free.

Since rum is constructed from sugar cane and molasses, it’s often protected to drink. The one time you want to worry about any glutenous elements is when flavors are added to the rum.

Consequently, we advocate sticking with plain rums. But if you would like slightly flavor in your life, make sure to double examine with the rum model and look at the components on the bottle completely.

Well-liked gluten free rum brands embrace Malibu, Kraken, and Captain Morgan. Bacardi has quite a couple of gluten free rum options however these embrace gold, superior, 151, and flavored.

Is gin gluten free?

Yes, gin created from potatoes and grapes is gluten free.

Although most gin that’s produced from wheat, barley, and rye, is made gluten free by way of distillation, these which might be allergic to gluten or stay with Celiac Illness tend to react negatively to most gins.

That’s why it’s suggested to keep on with gin variations which were constructed from grapes and potatoes.

By far the preferred and protected gluten free gin is made by Cold River Gin which is derived from potatoes and G-Vine which is derived from grapes.

Famous gin brands like Hendrick’s and Bombay are technically gluten free by means of distillation, but since they’re made with wheat, barley, and rye, these are often unsafe for those with sensitivities.

Is tequila gluten free?

Yes, if the tequila is made the pure method utilizing blue agave, it is gluten free.

Nevertheless, if the tequila is bought or marketed as combine, then these variations will typically embrace gluten.

In consequence, that’s why it’s so necessary to go for a tequila that has bee made with 100% agave and that’s it.

And don’t worry, the age or shade of the tequila won’t have an effect on whether or not of not it accommodates gluten.

Is beer gluten free?

The popular beer brands you realize and love usually are not gluten free. This consists of the likes of Budweiser/Bud Mild, Miller, Coors, Blue Moon, Stella Artois, Corona, and Michelob simply to identify a number of.

Nevertheless, there are quite a number of specialty breweries that excel in creating naturally gluten free, gluten decreased, and gluten eliminated beers.

Common gluten free choices embrace Redbridge (Anheuser-Busch), Bard’s Gold Lager, and Glutenberg.

Simply be certain to be careful for gluten eliminated beers which are made with gluten containing components but have them removed by way of distillation. Sadly, this course of is just not 100% good resulting in U.S. retailers not being allowed to sell/market these specific beers as gluten free.

In style gluten removed beers embrace Omission, New Planet, and Inexperienced’s.

For a greater understanding of gluten free beer manufacturers and specific choices, be certain to learn our in-depth guide.

Is vodka gluten free?

Although most specialists tend to contemplate vodka to be gluten free even when it’s made out of wheat, rye, or barley, people who endure from gluten allergic reactions, sensitivities, or Celiac illness react to vodka that has been been made with glutenous grains.

That’s why to stay on the protected aspect, we advocate opting for a vodka that has been created from gluten free components like grapes, corn, or potatoes.

In style protected manufacturers embrace Ciroc, Titos, and Smirnoff.

Make sure to read our more in-depth rundown on vodka.

Is tough seltzer gluten free?

Sure onerous seltzer is gluten free. Most if not all arduous seltzers are made utilizing purified water, fruit flavors, and malt alcohol. Plus, most brands have a tendency to opt for a sugar free variation of there arduous seltzer beverages.

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Widespread Gluten Free Alcoholic Drinks

Listed here are some awesome articles about a number of the greatest gluten free alcoholic drinks and cocktails you can also make with all of the gluten free liquors listed above.

Plus, you’ll be able to usually use this listing as a menu of all potential drinks you can order at most bars and eating places.

So with that being stated, listed here are the preferred cocktails that may me made utilizing the gluten free liquor. Just ensure to request one of many alcohols listed above to guarantee a very gluten free expertise.

  • Previous Normal
  • Margarita
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Moscow Mule (Ginger beer is naturally gluten free)
  • Mojito
  • Whiskey Sour
  • Manhattan
  • Mimosa
  • Mint Julep
  • Martini
  • Daiquiri
  • Screwdriver
  • Vodka Cranberry

Plus, under, you’ll find some nice recipes that you could attempt at house. Belief me, these will not be to be missed.

And in case you are in search of the right components and supplies to make these scrumptious gluten free cocktails, make sure to take a look at our guide on how to get monetary savings on groceries.

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On the lookout for a gluten free buying listing?

If you would like to make gluten free cocktails at house but want to ensure all your mixers and add-ins are gluten free free, make sure to take a look at our superior grocery buying guide!

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Thanks for studying. When you’ve got another gluten free alcohol ideas, please depart a comment under.

And on a aspect word, we are all the time updating this itemizing so ensure to maintain it bookmarked.

Thanks again!

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Gluten Free Alcohol List

P.S. For a full rundown of gluten free foods and drinks, ensure to take a look at our listing of gluten free foods. Or if purchasing for these foods isn’t your factor ensure to take a look at these gluten free subscription box corporations that may ship you delicious gluten free goodies every month!