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Low Carb Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss [Magic Bullet or Myth]

Low Carb Intermittent Fasting is an efficient dieting method however perhaps not for the reasons most of us have heard beforehand.

In the following article, we’ll show you the way to get started with intermittent fasting and handle a few of the commonest objections and added health advantages related to it.


What is Low Carb Intermittent Fasting

Let’s shortly cover what low carb intermittent fasting is and what it isn’t.

First up keep in mind low carb dieting and intermittent fasting are just instruments in your arsenal you need to use to shed some pounds. Neither are notably new concepts and have been round in one type or another for a while. Simply because it has proven successful for others doesn’t mean other weight loss strategies are any much less valid.

Secondly, LCIF (low carb intermittent fasting) just isn’t about ravenous yourself of carbohydrates and calories as entire. Research have shown that consuming too little e.g. creating an unreasonable caloric deficit over an prolonged period will solely serve to sluggish your progress. Your physique is extraordinarily complicated and is all the time making an attempt to succeed in a state of homeostasis and will make adjustments to any form of caloric restriction by altering your metabolism.

LCIF can also be not a food regimen in the typical sense. LCIF is usually based mostly on meal timing and decreasing your consumption from carbohydrates. Particularly, you’re consuming a eating regimen low in carbs throughout a ‘meal window’ and fasting for the remaining hours of the day. Depending on your strategy, the ‘eating’ window could also be something from 8 hours or much less.

The most typical technique of LCIF is the 16/8 technique, which suggests you’re fasting for 16 hours and consuming your energy in the course of the remaining 8 hours. Most people apply this technique by abstaining from food after 8:00 p.m. They may then skip breakfast and eat their first meal at 12:00. In case you’re questioning, yes, the hours you sleep also rely as fasting hours. Based mostly on a daily individual’s sleeping habits most of us already fast for up to eight hours day by day.

Enjoyable reality, the phrase breakfast means to interrupt the overnight fast by consuming meals e.g. break > quick.

If enterprise a low carb intermittent fasting program, you is probably not eating much less general. In truth, for some, it might show to be troublesome to slot in your desired quantity of energy in your allotted ‘meal window’ to begin with.

To summarize, you possibly can think about LCIF as biking your food intake to eat energy at optimum occasions slightly than decreasing your general energy and making certain you aren’t taking in too many energy from Carbohydrates.

Does Low Carb Intermittent Fasting Help You Lose Weight?

Briefly sure, it’s an efficient technique to drop extra pounds, and you gained’t find many people arguing that it doesn’t work. I’ve been testing LCIF personally while incorporating a caloric deficit of round 400 energy per day. When in comparison with different approaches, fat loss doubled over the same interval. That’s fairly vital!

How To Intermittent Fast for Weight Loss

Will it be just right for you?

One of the best fats loss methods are those we will maintain. Are you able to maintain an LCIF strategy to weight loss? Most people report some starvation early on however as the body adjusts e.g. after approx. 2-Three days those self same hunger pains start to diminish making it sustainable for most people.

Why Does Low Carb Intermittent Fasting Work so Nicely for Weight Loss?

Lady on scales celebrating weight loss

Our our bodies are programmed to burn Carbohydrates as our main gasoline source. Once consumed Carbohydrates are transformed to Glucose in the blood stream. Glucose is the primary form of power for our cells.

Excess Glucose is transformed by the liver to Glycogen (the stored chain form of Glucose) and retained in the muscle tissue and liver; it’s then damaged right down to Glucose again if required by the physique.

The liver can maintain about 100 Grams of Glycogen whereas our muscle tissue can maintain approx. 500 Grams.  Further Glucose is broken right down to lipids and saved as physique fat.

Stored Glucose is on the market as an power supply for anyplace between 6 – 12 hours. Most of us are topping up that Carbohydrate provide by means of the day fairly commonly. Our Glucose ranges are getting replenished frequently in consequence, and the physique continues to use these sources as our main power supply and doesn’t have to dip into our stored body fats reserves.

Because of this, our blood stream incorporates our shortly obtainable power whereas our fat tissue holds power sources which might be better outfitted to sustain us over longer durations when meals isn’t available. Should you apply low carb intermittent fasting, nevertheless, your body is restricted of glucose and subsequently, must use one other gasoline supply for power, physique fat.

What this implies is you’re training your body to increase manufacturing of the enzymes chargeable for burning fats. Additionally, you’re coaching your physique to attenuate the enzymes liable for using carbohydrates as a gasoline supply.

Our our bodies are extraordinarily nicely engineered, when carbohydrates are unavailable the body starts trying to body fat as a gasoline supply. The body’s least most popular power supply is muscle tissue.

LCIF is just not a change you flick on and off, though. In case you undertake LCIF for several weeks, your body will grow to be more environment friendly at burning fats as an power supply, and your outcomes will solely start to improve over time.

The Most Efficient Benefit for Weight Loss

Whereas the benefits above are all properly documented, their effects on weight reduction are usually not as giant as typically reported. There isn’t a getting around the fact that the most important benefit general when enterprise an LCIF strategy for weight loss is the convenience of adherence for some. Many people discover a weight loss plan with a high quantity of healthy fat in comparison with carbohydrates extra sustainable despite fats being considerably extra calorically dense.

When used in mixture with intermittent fasting LCIF is an effective strategy as IF sometimes leads to caloric discount merely as a consequence of minimising the eating window.

What Happens to Your Physique when Fasting:

Here’s a snapshot of what your physique experiences throughout a fasting interval.

  • Your physique will make the most of its present blood sugar (glucose).
  • Insulin ranges will drop. Decrease Insulin ranges result in less body fats.
  • Progress hormone production will increase by as a lot as 500%
  • The central nervous system will ship the hormone ‘Norepinephrine’ to your fats cells which assist the physique break down stored body fats into fatty acids. Once damaged down the fatty acids which might be more available as an power source.
  • Your body might enter Ketosis (a process the place your physique will start breaking down stored fat for power because of inadequate glucose being out there).
  • Fats loss begins to grow to be more constant.

Other Health Advantages:

There are quite a few related health advantages with Low Carb Intermittent Fasting. We’ve listed a few of these under:

Might lower the danger of sort 2 Diabetes


In a healthy individual, the physique will convert Glucose from the food we eat into power, which is the first perform of the hormone Insulin. Individuals with diabetes have hassle producing Insulin or can’t produce it in adequate quantities. So as an alternative of being converted to power, Glucose remains in the blood stream, elevating blood sugar ranges.

LCIF has been shown to scale back blood sugar ranges naturally and scale back insulin resistance. While extra proof is required, LCIF does look like of profit to those with Diabetes.

Constructing muscle

weight training for fat loss and muscle retention

Not only does Low Carb Intermittent Fasting hold monumental benefits with regards to fats loss additionally it is considered of benefit for growing muscle mass, or retaining muscle if unable to get the fitness center as frequently over a given interval, here’s why:

Medical research have shown that fasting can elevate human progress hormone levels (GH). Additional so as to add thus far, Glucose is understood to suppress GH. GH production will increase when fasting which may help with Protein synthesis and fat metabolism. In the research referenced above the evidence signifies that fasting leads to amplification of GH secretion.

Increases Mind Perform

brain function

Fasting is just like weight coaching in that it’s extra or much less challenging the brain to answer the stress you’re putting it via. Fasting, nevertheless, doesn’t cause problems for our mental acuity, in reality, on the contrary, our brains are very a lot up for the problem and respond in a constructive method.

Protein manufacturing is shown to increase in the brain which in flip strengthens the synapses and promotes neuron progress. Fasting can also be proved to set off the manufacturing of quite a few chemical compounds in the body that promote neural well being.

In the brief term fasting additionally increases mental acuity, which is almost certainly a response mechanism from earlier occasions once we have been required to hunt for our food. Generally, terms in case you are hungry your thoughts is more alert.

Cellular Regeneration

Microscope Slide Research-

Our bodies are continuously repairing and replacing cells. Once we are consuming frequently, our digestive system is at work, and mobile restore is sluggish. Cellular turnover and restore increases when enterprise intermittent fasting as our bodies prioritize mobile repair and turnover through the fasting window.

Improves Immune Perform

White Blood Cells

Intermittent Fasting on its own is assumed to scale back injury by free radicals. In most animals, if sick we cease consuming and hunt down relaxation and recovery. We do that because we really feel sick and subsequently, don’t feel like consuming but this is also a reaction by the physique to limit the digestion course of and redirect our energies towards preventing an infection by pooling all its assets into this one space.

To summarize, the key advantage of intermittent fasting is giving the physique a break from digestion to give attention to areas similar to cellular repair which has monumental well being benefits.

Is Low Carb Intermittent Fasting Protected?

It is protected. But there are a few things you want to concentrate on before beginning:

  • Consuming issues
    In case you have skilled an consuming disorder prior to now akin to Bulimia, any form of fasting must be prevented. The quick/feast mentality could be risky because the ‘consuming window causes some individuals to overindulge. Taking in an excessive amount of meals even during your ‘eating window; can have a psychological influence and push someone again in the direction of a pre-existing consuming dysfunction.
  • Sluggish and regular
    Your body will want a while to regulate because it does if enterprise IF or low carb weight-reduction plan on their very own, and you shouldn’t anticipate outcomes immediately. Start with proscribing your low carb fasting window to 12 hours and construct up to 16+ hours over time as your physique adjusts. For some individuals consuming during a specific block of time can affect their power ranges. Once we feel low on power other points of our lives could be impacted, for example sleeping patterns.
  • Overeating
    You need to be sure to will not be overeating through the consuming window. Simply because you fasted for 16 hours doesn’t imply you’ll be able to eat every part in sight through the consuming window as you’ll put on extra weight.
  • Greatest results come when mixed with train
    Most individuals who undertake low carb intermittent fasting will benefit regardless however incorporating common train and consuming healthier meals will set the ball rolling. Don’t rely on IF alone to take you from fats to suit.
  • Balanced weight-reduction plan
    You will need to make sure you keep a balanced food plan. Changing the best way we eat can typically pressure modifications we’d in any other case not think about. All the time concentrate on getting the best nutrients into your weight loss plan and consuming plenty of greens.
  • Caffeine dependency
    Black coffee is usually associated with Intermittent Fasting and is perfectly acceptable during a fasting period because of its lack of calories (2 calories). Some individuals might depend on this an excessive amount of and absorb an excessive amount of caffeine. Extra caffeine could be detrimental to sleep and trigger health issues similar to:
    • Dehydration
    • Dizziness and complications
    • Insomnia
    • Irregular heartbeat

I’d additionally advocate the next groups of individuals avoid LCIF or at the very least consult with their physician earlier than considering it:

  • Diabetics
  • Mum’s to be
  • Low blood sugar and Insulin resistance circumstances. Intermittent fasting and low carb dieting typically are considered of profit to individuals dwelling with Diabetes however it’s greatest to seek the advice of together with your physician first.

Widespread Myths and Objections to low carb Intermittent Fasting

A variety of misinformation surrounds LCIF, from the smart to the downright unusual. Usually, the most important false assumption individuals make is that it is dangerous.

The rationale low carb intermittent fasting isn’t dangerous is the fact that the human physique can survive without food rather more efficiently than we give it credit for. Naturally, in the event you go 2-3 days with out water you’ll grow to be dehydrated and ultimately die, nevertheless, the human physique can survive with out meals for prolonged durations.

In reality, Gandhi, at the age of 74 maintained a hunger strike for 21 days without any reported lasting unwell results.

The remaining myths and objections concentrate on subjects akin to muscle wastage, metabolic injury, and breakfast being crucial meal of the day. I’ve addressed the most typical of these under:

You’ll lose muscle

In our article on how you can lose body fat and retain muscle I discussed, I’m not an enormous believer in eating smaller more regular meals to take care of consistent blood sugar levels and assist muscle synthesis. Analysis backs this up pretty conclusively.

In reality, it seems that the other may even be true. Progress hormone manufacturing has been proven to extend while fasting. Increases in progress hormone result in larger fats burning and muscle progress. Current studies are turning trendy conventions comparable to breakfast is crucial meal of the day on its head.

Throughout your consuming window you’re anticipated to eat all these energy, but can’t we only utilize 30 grams of Protein per meal?

This fantasy comes from the bodybuilding world and is recurrently misquoted, concerning how much Protein your body can use, versus simply muscle synthesis. In relation to constructing muscle, checks have proven that 30 grams of Protein confirmed vital benefits to muscle synthesis. When the identical exams are carried out with increased Protein, muscle synthesis does not improve.

Consequently, the bodybuilding world proclaims the truth that anything greater than 30 Grams of Protein per meal is excessive and doesn’t assist construct muscle. That’s all properly and good in terms of building muscle (the amount of Protein on this context is disputed) but we utilize Protein for excess of simply muscle synthesis. Protein is a vital macronutrient and helps with a variety of useful processes our body undertakes including rebuilding your organs, muscle mass and building enzymes and hormones.

To summarize, 30 Grams of protein per meal may be optimal for muscle improvement, but the physique makes use of protein for far more than muscle improvement.

Isn’t breakfast crucial meal of the day? I assumed it was the catalyst to improved metabolism?

This appears to be a type of myths with no actual evidence supporting it, that has been adopted and repeated, dogmatically. The very fact is eating breakfast does not contribute to weight reduction by means of elevated Metabolism. There’s nothing flawed with consuming breakfast however the reality is there’s nothing scientific to help it making us more healthy either. Here’s an extract from one research:

“Daily breakfast is causally linked to higher physical activity thermogenesis in lean adults, with greater overall dietary energy intake but no change in resting metabolism.”

That reality is there isn’t one ‘most important meal of the day’. Eating as soon as you get up might even be counterproductive to weight loss as an extended fasting window has confirmed outcomes relating to weight reduction and growing metabolism.

I used to be advised consuming many smaller meals as an alternative of three giant meals per day is useful to rushing up my metabolism?

The same rules apply right here as they do within the argument above. Research have proven that eating smaller meals more recurrently as a way to hurry up metabolism aren’t right. This research indicates there isn’t any relationship between consuming extra repeatedly and any improve in metabolism.

Gained’t I lose focus and lack power if decreasing carbohydrate consumption and fasting?

Psychological acuity is actually proven to extend when fasting. The very fact is when faced with hunger we do turn into sharper in a sense, and our senses are extra extremely tuned. When first enterprise any form of low carb dieting it’s true some expertise what’s known as the low carb flu. During this time you might experience a scarcity of power, cramping and feel somewhat foggy mentally. Usually this era solely lasts approx. 7 days and is considered the results of your physique switching its main power supply from sugar to fat.

I’m unsure I can go that lengthy without eating, I’ll be ravenous.

In my expertise and from these I have read or observed many people do wrestle with hunger, for 2-3 days. As soon as this brief period is over most individuals, observe a lower in hunger. In my experience, I found it simpler as time went on and might improve the fasting window with minimal effort.

Gained’t I have less power for my exercises if I work out during a fasting window?

Most people can get away with understanding less when fasting. I have additionally spoken to individuals who declare to have experienced more power within the health club during their fasting window. Then again, I’ve additionally talked to individuals who feel too low on power to workout during their fasting window. Personally, this was also my experience, however it have to be stated my workouts occurred within the 15-16th hour of my fasting window and I was enterprise a calorie deficit which may additionally cause this sort of reaction.

How To apply Low Carb Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss

Hopefully, by now I’ve satisfied you of the advantages of LCIF. In case you are interested by giving this technique, of weight reduction a attempt, I have written some suggestions under on how you can get started.

There’s nothing all that complicated to getting started with low carb intermittent fasting. While there are five conventional IF methods out there starting from every day to weekly fasts I like to recommend getting began utilizing the 16/8 mannequin made well-known by and incorporating a low carb strategy together.

The 16/eight Low Carb Intermittent Fasting Technique

The benefits of the 16/eight model for weight loss is you’re fasting day by day which is way much less challenging than having to quick for a whole day or eat only one meal per day as some fasting regimens advocate.

Getting Began

Keep in mind it’s greatest to ease into training LCIF as your physique will take a short while to adjust. Because of this, I recommend starting with a 12-hour fasting window and only redicing your carb consumption barely before and building as much as 16 hours and decreasing carbohydrate intake further. The easiest way to go about this is to start out your fasting interval at night time and incorporate your sleeping hours into your fasting window.

For instance, begin your fasting window after your evening meal e.g. eight:00 PM. You’d then fast until 8:00 AM. consuming your meals in this approach may be normal apply for some already but in case you are sometimes snacking into the night time or having an early breakfast try to begin with a 12-hour window with slightly decreased carbs. After a number of days push out your first meal to 10:00 am, scale back carbs further and ultimately make your first meal at 12:00.

I like having my last meal at eight:00 PM relatively than later e.g. 10:00 PM. Something later than this and you’re in a sense fueling up the automotive and then parking it in the storage moderately than utilizing the gasoline you simply added (sleep).

Tips to Assist you to By means of the Fasting Window

Most individuals will find they regulate shortly, and hunger pains gained’t be an enormous deal, but there are some ideas you need to use to make the fasting interval easier to get by way of. I’ve listed a number of the greatest ideas under.

Zero Calorie Drinks

You possibly can eat zero energy drinks without technically breaking your quick as you aren’t consuming energy. Simply keep in mind including milk or sugar to your espresso means you’re not consuming a zero calorie drink. I recommend avoiding heavily processed drinks as they principally include harmful additives to exchange sugar.

Start Your Quick After Your Night Meal

It is sensible to include your sleeping hours into your fasting interval. In any case, it’s exhausting to experience starvation pains in case you are asleep. It makes life even easier if you ensure that last meal of the day is an enormous one.

Drink Numerous Water

There are lots of explanation why everyone should improve their water intake. In terms of fasting, water will provide help to from the sensation of having an empty stomach and avoiding hunger pains.


In case you are trying to burn excess fats while understanding in caloric deficit you’ll be forcing your body to utilize body fat for power. Nevertheless, in case you are extra inquisitive about your efficiency within the health club as opposed to burning fat, it’s greatest to exercise during your ‘consuming window’ so that you’ve the required power to carry out at your greatest. I examined understanding through the ultimate hour of my fasting window and personally found it troublesome to perform at 100%

Hold Yourself Occupied

Many individuals reported feeling more alert during their fasting period. We’ve explained the reasons for this above however to reap the benefits of this new found alertness; it’s sensible to focus in your most demanding duties for the day through the fasting interval. This additionally has the good thing about preserving your thoughts from specializing in potential hunger you might in any other case be feeling.

Be Versatile

Beginning your fasting period at 8:00OPM will go well with most people however in case you are a shift employee, as an example, you’ll want to regulate the fasting window to fit your schedule.

Eat Numerous Protein and Healthy Fats

Consuming 30 grams of protein at every meal will assist management your appetite. It additionally has the additional advantage of serving to you build muscle and repair your physique. Keep away from cravings and consuming unhealthy during your consuming window, keep on with strong meals that fill you up (satiate) and maintain you feeling full for hours. While fat are extra calorically densethan carbs they are extra satiating and will provide help to feel fuller for longer.


As you possibly can see low carb intermittent fasting is effective for weight loss. There are quite a few health benefits related to it and in all reality, it isn’t very troublesome upon getting adjusted to it. The information in the section above should aid you get began and help guide you through the harder initial 7 days when you’ll really feel hungry or low on power in the course of the fasting window, notably within the mornings. It’s additionally essential in the event you undertake a LCIF routine that you simply stick it out for at the least 30 days and give your physique the required time to regulate and begin melting away that undesirable physique fat. Better of luck!