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ProgrammingToWin for Powerlifting | PowerliftingToWin

ProgrammingToWin for Powerlifting | PowerliftingToWin

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What It Is

ProgrammingToWin is the distillation of greatest practices I’ve discovered within the final eight years of my expertise each as a aggressive powerlifter and as a coach of aggressive powerlifters. After having coached greater than two-hundred particular person lifters in precise powerlifting meets, offering free programming to hundreds of others on-line, and studying lots of of books on powerlifting, I’ve created a system of programming that I consider will yield you the quickest attainable leads to your first two to 4 years within the sport. I consider that if I had entry to this info once I was first beginning powerlifting, I might have made progress at actually twice the speed that I did.

What You Will Get

In a sentence, 4 years have handed because the first version of ProgrammingToWin was launched and I’ve distilled the whole lot I’ve discovered up to now 4 years into the brand new packages on this guide. The e-book options greater than 100 pages of dialogue on the why and the how of optimally programming your first three to 5 years within the sport of powerlifting. Greater than fifty pages of dialogue are devoted to the scientific rules of correct powerlifting programming. No stone is left unturned. When you have been a fan of the PowerliftingToWin Program Evaluation Collection, the primary half of the guide delves into all the instruments that we used to research packages beforehand: planning, periodization, programming, coaching development, specificity, overload, fatigue administration, particular person variations, and, in fact, autoregulation!

Novice Packages

The novice program consists of three distinct phases that will help you navigate the early pitfalls of coaching, keep away from useless stalls, and reduce down on any wasted time in any way. This part ought to final you thru the primary six months to at least one yr of your coaching profession. The novice program has been COMPLETELY REVAMPED together with: new workouts, new rep schemes, a brand new development protocol, and a brand new stalling protocol. After 4 years of amassing knowledge, I’ve made substantial enhancements to this system. It isn’t even the identical factor anymore.

Intermediate Packages

The intermediate packages are designed to take you from the top of yr one in every of coaching throughout to the top of yr three (or so). Simply as with the novice packages, the Intermediate part is totally revamped with new packages. Because the first version of ProgrammingToWin, I’ve had the chance to work with almost 200 aggressive powerlifters. Throughout this complete interval, I’ve meticulously collected knowledge by mining my athletes’ coaching replace paperwork. I’ve come to new conclusions which have brought on me to utterly change the Intermediate program! Simply as a teaser, I’ll allow you to in on a secret that you could be already know: I not use Fatigue Percents… AT ALL. My intermediate packages at the moment are designed to easily transition you into Day by day Undulating Periodization packages (DUP). I can inform you from first-hand expertise that DUP is the first type of periodization utilized by most of in the present day’s prime IPF lifters. DUP is usually described in such obscure theoretical phrases that nobody appears to know the right way to put a DUP program collectively in the actual world. Properly, you don’t have to fret about that anymore. I’ve gone forward and put one collectively for you.

Now together with Superior Programming!

I couldn’t be extra excited to announce that this model of ProgrammingToWin lastly incorporates some superior programming. By now, most of you who’ve adopted PTW through the years not require primary novice and intermediate programming. Most of you’re looking for straight ahead, straightforward to use superior programming that may take you to the subsequent degree. Nicely, in Model Two of ProgrammingToWin, you’ll get a 13 Week DUP Peaking Program designed that will help you smash PRs at your subsequent meet. This program incorporates the EXACT rules that I’ve used to assist quite a few shoppers turn out to be nationally ranked powerlifters of their nation together with a number of who’ve gone on to set Nationwide data in addition to podium. This isn’t only a bunch of DUP principle wanking; that is programming that I’ve examined within the trenches over the previous 4 years of teaching aggressive powerlifters.

No Extra Difficult Math

With the brand new variations of PNP and PIP, this system has been simplified immensely. You not have to convey a calculator to the fitness center. Actually, you don’t even want a sophisticated spreadsheet. The programming is straightforward and straight ahead. It’s constructed in such a approach that each one it’s a must to do is beat what you probably did final time and add weight. So long as you do this, you’ll simply keep inside the boundaries of this system.

Not Positive?

In case you’re nonetheless not satisfied you need a copy of ProgrammingToWin, I’m going to offer a preview of all of the totally different phases of every program.

PowerliftingToWin Novice Program: PNP2

Keep in mind, that is solely Part 2. The Ebook accommodates THREE phases of novice programming.


PowerliftingToWin ADVANCED Program

That is Block three of the 13 Week Superior DUP Peaking Program included within the ebook!


Get Your Copy of ProgrammingToWin

Nicely, people, there you could have it. If the packages themselves don’t intrigue you, nothing else I’ve to say will both!

I put my coronary heart and soul into this undertaking and I couldn’t be extra pleased with the ultimate product. ProgrammingToWin is the best work but produced by PowerliftingToWin.

I like it and I do know you’ll too. Seize a replica of ProgrammingToWin. Please let me know what you assume PTW Fam! In case you adore it as a lot as me, simply keep in mind that sharing is caring. The extra people who get an opportunity to see this ebook, the extra effort I can put into tasks precisely like this one sooner or later. Thanks all a lot for your help! I can’t wait to start out listening to your ideas on the ebook.

Have a pleasant day,

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Questions? Feedback?

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