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The Guide to All the Types of Poultry In One Place

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Types of Poultry & Poultry Basics

Poultry is one of the mostly ate proteins for an excellent purpose. It’s lean, plentiful and has a very impartial flavor that lends itself to be easily marinated. There are numerous methods to put together the varieties of poultry. Likelihood is you’ve gotten a number of secret recipes of your personal that you simply hold near and pricey.

Poultry consists of many sorts of domesticated birds. These varieties of poultry embrace guineas, geese, chickens, pigeons, and turkeys.

Poultry Definition

The definition of poultry is straightforward. Any hen that is raised for their eggs or meat is outlined as poultry. This matches all birds including the numerous hen varieties.

Totally different Types of Poultry:

  • Hen:
    • Recreation Hens
    • Broiler/Fryer
    • Roaster
    • Capon
    • Fowl
  • Duck
  • Goose
  • Pigeon
  • Turkey

How Lengthy Do Chickens Reside?

Properly-cared for chickens handled as a pet can stay for many years. Hen lifespan can range depending on dwelling circumstances. In backyard circumstances, they will stay for 8-10 years, like a canine. The breed and weight-reduction plan may also play into the lifespan.

Do Chickens Eat Ticks?

Sure. Chickens can eat ticks which may be helpful in case you are elevating them in a yard setting. They will also eat other bugs resembling flies and mosquitos.

Types of Chickens

A typical hen!

Hen is the most eaten poultry in the world. It has both white and dark varieties of meat and has much less fats than other poultry. Prepare dinner young tender chickens using any cooking technique. Braise or stew older chickens. Hen has the distinctive attraction of being versatile. Due to its neutral taste, it lends itself to a spread of garnishing, marinating. Stuffing and basting can also be a standard apply, as it may be paired with virtually something.

If there’s one factor that is universal, is the worlds’ love for hen. Cooking hen could be fun and easy. Nevertheless, properly cooking hen is essential due to the probability of salmonella. Totally different breeds of chickens can influence measurement and while weight-reduction plan can have an effect on flavor. The largest hen breeds being:

  • Jersey Big
  • Brahma
  • Cornish Recreation Hen
  • Cochin
  • Orpington.

There are several varieties of chickens which are outlined in courses of age. Understanding these courses will enable you to determine on the correct buying and cooking technique to guarantee correct preparation.

Cornish Recreation Hen

Recreation hens are sometimes 5-6 weeks previous and are younger or immature progenies of a Cornish hen. It is rather flavorful. The greatest technique of cooking is to cut up and roast or grill.

What is a Broiler Hen or Fryer Hen?

Young and with tender meat and clean skin, the broiler/fryer hen is usually 6-8 weeks in age and is lean. It’s going to have a versatile breastbone which is an effective sign of the age. It weighs up to 2kg (4lb) and lends itself nicely to any cooking technique as it is extremely versatile.

If there’s one thing that is common, is the worlds’ love for hen.

Roaster Chickens

A roaster is a couple of weeks older than a fryer. There’s not a lot variation between a roaster and a fryer in addition to the age. This will have an effect on flavor and tenderness. It has tender younger meat with clean skin. The breastbone is much less flexible than the fryer and aged round Eight-9 weeks. The weight is 2kg and over. It is appropriate for any cooking technique.

types of poultryCapon

What is a Capon?

A capon is a castrated male (Caponette will mean chemically castrated). It has tender meat with delicate clean pores and skin. A capon is bred for well-flavored meat and incorporates a high proportion of mild meat to darkish meat. A capon additionally has a high-fat content material. A Capon is Four-6 months previous and weight between 2-4 kg (6-10lb) and over. The most popular technique for cooking a capon is roasting.


A fowl is a mature feminine. It is fairly flavorful however much less tender than a fryer/roaster. The breastbone has no flexibility. The age of the fowl is over 7 months and will weight 1kg (2lb) and over. The greatest cooking technique for a fowl is to stew or braise.


types of poultryDuck breast scored and prepared for pan frying

Duck is one of my favorite varieties of poultry due to its exquisite fats and wonderful texture. When you’ve by no means had duck before, I implore you to attempt it. There’s nothing game-y a few duck. It goes very nicely with a spread of sweet berry sauces, making it even more scrumptious. The commonest sort of duck used is a younger duckling. Duck solely incorporates darkish meat and enormous quantities of fat. To make the fatty skin edible, you have to render as much fats off the meat as potential. Duck has a high proportion of bone and fats to meat. A 2 Kg duck will solely feed 2 individuals whereas a hen of the similar weight will serve 4. Eating duck at medium-well to medium is ok and there’s no hazard of foodborne sickness.

types of poultryA cooked goose


A goose accommodates solely dark meat and has very fatty pores and skin. It is often roasted at high temperatures to render the fat.

Roasted goose is well-liked at holidays and is usually served with an acidic fruit-based sauce to offset the fattiness.


Not as widespread as many of the other varieties of poultry out there, and actually most of these varieties you’ll have to actively hunt down, nevertheless, the pigeon does have roots in history where it was an essential half of a food regimen. The younger pigeon isn’t the pigeon you find on the streets but moderately raised for the function of being eaten. Often referred to as squad, its meat is dark and tender, appropriate for broiling, sauteing or roasting. There’s minimal quantities of fat on the pigeon and would, subsequently, profit from barding.

types of poultryA recent turkey


We all know about turkey and we should always all know the differences in cooking a turkey in contrast to cooking a hen. The distinction in measurement alone signifies that the cooking methods and cooking occasions change considerably. Turkey is the second hottest varieties of poultry. It has each mild and dark meat and a relatively small quantity of fat. Younger turkeys are far more economical and may be prepared in virtually any method. Greatest cooking methods for the typical younger turkey is roast or reduce into cutlets and sauteed or pan-fried.

Handling Hen Security

Poultry is very perishable and notably vulnerable to salmonella bacteria. As such, it is important that the poultry is stored at the right temperatures. Ensure to store recent chickens and different small birds on ice or at 0C – 2C (32F – 34F) for up to two days. Larger birds could be stored for up to 4 days. Freezing poultry is really helpful at -17C (0F) or under and must be brought up to temperature regularly and all the time at cooler-temperature.

Foie Gras

types of poultryFoie gras

Foie gras is a bit controversial right now due to the method during which it’s harvested from the goose. Nevertheless, it is nonetheless an essential piece of the culinary arts and is essential to know what it’s and the way to prepare dinner it. Foie Gras is the enlarged liver of a duck or goose that’s thought-about a delicacy since Roman occasions. At this time, it is produced in lots of elements of the world by methodically fattening the birds by force-feeding them specifically prepared corn whereas limiting their movement and activity. Recent foie gras incorporates two lobes that have to be separated, cut up and deveined. The better foie gras might be clean and lighter in colour with a more delicate flavor than that of duck.

Recent foie gras may be grilled, roasted, sauteed, or made into a pate. Have in mind when cooking foie gras that if cooked for too lengthy it might literally melt away due to the excessive amounts of fat inside it. In 2007, foie gras was banned in some areas and a movement has started to ban it utterly due to allegations of animal cruelty.

Marinating Poultry

Chicken MarinatingMarinating Hen

As a result of poultry has such a impartial taste, it’s common to see poultry used in marinating. Poultry is usually marinated in a mix of lemon juice, pepper, oil, white wine, herbs, and spices. Lemon juice, being acidic, helps inject flavor into the poultry. Poultry also absorbs flavors shortly. If left too lengthy in an acidic marinade it might tackle undesirable flavors. The biggest time to marinate hen is 2 hours. Smaller pieces will need much less time, whereas bigger items requiring extra.

In case your marinade accommodates oil, make sure to drain it nicely so it won’t flare up on the grill or broiler. Use a paper towel to wipe off excess moisture so the poultry will brown evenly and easily. Use the extra marinade to baste the poultry because it cooks. By no means use leftover marinade served uncooked. This is due to the danger of cross-contamination from the uncooked poultry that sat in it.

Cooking Poultry

Apply the numerous cooking strategies discovered earlier. You must have an concept of numerous cooking strategies that have a tendency to be useful for cooking poultry. All strategies are acceptable to use. Solely sure courses of chickens want sure cooking strategies. You will most certainly only see fryer chickens out there in grocery stores. Hen is versatile. Experiment and check out totally different methods when cooking hen. Using strategies comparable to poaching in courtroom bouillon, grilling, marinating, broiling and roasting. Stuffing poultry is a well-liked technique of getting ready hen. The mixtures are infinite. Lemons and herbs go very nicely with hen. I all the time like to stuff my entire roasted chickens with half lemons, pepper, salt, garlic, and recent herbs. I baste typically and the finished product is all the time juicy and is herb-y with a hint of citrus.

An underappreciated technique of cooking hen is by poaching. If you dealing with hen breast, there’s very little fats to help hold the breast moist. By poaching, you assist retain so much of that flavor in addition to incorporating taste. Attempt a variation of a courtroom bouillon that emphasizes a superb flavor base and experiment!

Grilled ChickenHen Marked by the Grill

All the time prepare dinner poultry to an inner temperature of 74C. That is to guarantee the destruction of harmful bacteria. I recommend choosing up a digital meat thermometer. Using one allows to precisely gauge and pinpoint the actual temperature. This means you’ll have no fear of under- or over-cooking the hen. You possibly can decide how cooked a hen is by touch. Develop this system over time. The hen must be firm and springy without feeling dry. An under-cooked breast will really feel delicate and not have that spring.

For whole-roasting hen, examine the temperature the place the leg joint meets the body. A cooked hen may even have unfastened joints. If the joint is unfastened, then you recognize that it ought to be cooked. You may also verify by visually taking a look at the hen. Does it seem like it’s accomplished? Is it browned properly? Absolutely cooked hen juice will run clear when probed. The uncooked hen will appear cloudy and bloody.

Cooking is unique in that it requires you to use all your senses. Utilizing these senses you need to be in a position to gauge the temperature of any product. There isn’t any substitute for a superb thermometer, so ensure to decide one.

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