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Will Nanotechnologies and the New 5G Network Become the Most Powerful Weapon System the World Has Ever Seen?

Feedback by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impression Information

In case you are being launched to a few of the subjects coated on this article for the first time, it’d come across as “conspiracy theories” or far-fetched sensationalism.

And whereas a few of the predictions of how this know-how can be utilized in the future may seem to be speculative at this level, it’s based mostly on onerous proof of what is actually occurring TODAY, in areas like geoengineering, nanotechnology, and the new proposed 5G networks.

None of these applied sciences are speculative. They are already being used. The only questions remaining are who will control these applied sciences, and to what extent will they be carried out?

What’s written right here by John P. Thomas is the result of years of research. To completely understand these subjects, you’ll need to learn the hyperlinks to earlier investigative reviews, and comply with the footnoted references as properly to examine the evidence for your self.

You’ll not read any of this in the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media networks.

by John P. Thomas
Health Influence News

When the nanotechnology in human our bodies is activated by special frequencies from the 5-G network, we might experience the most powerful weapon system that has ever been invented.

In contrast to atomic weapons that kill everybody and create a poisonous disaster for each the winners and the losers of conflict, the pairing of nanotechnology that’s in our bodies with the high frequency radiation in the gigahertz and terahertz vary will create weapons that may fulfill an unimaginable number of features for many who control the know-how.


Clean and Neat

This weapon system has the potential to individually determine and monitor the location of all individuals on the Earth.

This weapon system has the potential to watch emotions and ideas of particular person individuals.

This weapon system has the potential to transmit directions to people and to groups that may create ideas and set off emotional responses. It is going to even have the ability to prohibit the means to logically consider conditions and create various options to issues.

This weapon system has the potential to target individuals who have been deemed as uncooperative and neutralize them for the larger good of society. This might be completed by disrupting neurological exercise, weakening human immune methods, causing ache, creating life-threatening sicknesses, and producing premature dying.

I understand that this all feels like relatively far-fetched hypothesis and fantasy, however there’s sufficient evidence to help these claims and enough evidence to begin taking proactive steps to protect ourselves from what is rapidly coming towards us.

Let’s take a look at a few of the powerful evidence that has led me to attract these conclusions.

Former Catholic Nun Sister Keri Burnor Focused for Demise by way of Nanotechnology

Keri Burnor

Keri Burnor was a Roman Catholic nun when she was sexually assaulted by a priest. She filed felony fees towards the priest in 2001. He was found not responsible. [1]

She did not understand why the district lawyer did not adequately work to acquire a conviction. As she investigated the collusion between the lawyer, the decide, the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican, and the members of St. Joseph’s Abbey in Massachusetts the place the sexual assault occurred, she opened a Pandora’s field of systemic evil rising from the deep state. The deep state refers to the financial energy construction that controls governments around the world. [1]

Keri Burnor didn’t shrink back together with her defeat in courtroom, however began to place herself as a helper to others who had been abused by clergy.

Ultimately her work with different victims of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church and the info she discovered about the activities of the Jesuit order and their infiltration of the command construction of the U.S. army led to her being interviewed on a number of web radio packages.

She documented her findings on her website and spoke brazenly about what she knew to be the fact. She then turned a marked lady and her actions have been monitored from that time ahead. [1]

Ultimately there can be more than ten makes an attempt on her life using nanotechnology, high frequency power transmission methods, radioactive substances, sound weapons, and numerous other weapons. [1]

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There’s rather more Behind her Story than a Sexual Assault

Keri Burnor found that St. Joseph’s Abbey was constructed with funds donated in large part by a Knight of Malta and his spouse. Their names are inscribed on the front of the Abbey’s important altar – J. Peter Grace and his wife Margaret. [1, 2]

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 8.55.51 PM

Mr. Grace was the president of the big chemical producer referred to as W. R. Grace and Co. Mr. Grace performed an instrumental position in bringing Nazi SS officers and Nazi scientists to the United States after World Struggle II. He did this via venture Paper Clip, which wiped away evidence of their Nazi involvement and authorised greater than 900 German scientists to return to the United States. [2]

Mr. Grace then put lots of the former Nazi scientists to work in his firm. He also labored with the CIA to imbed many others in CIA thoughts control packages corresponding to MK Ultra. [2]

As a high-ranking Knight of Malta, he occupied one in every of the highest non-ecclesiastical positions in the American Roman Catholic Church. It has been stated that Knights of Malta are free to select up the telephone and chat with the Pope each time they have the want or want. [2]

Keri Burnor additionally had proof that St. Joseph’s Abbey continued to be an undercover location for CIA operations. She believed that some monks (not all of them) in the abbey have been truly CIA operatives engaged in clandestine actions. [1]

Keri Burnor turned a Focused Particular person Marked for Demise

In 2011, she had sinus surgery. After the restoration she knew that by some means issues were not proper. She ultimately found that she had been implanted with weaponized army grade nanotechnology during the surgical procedure. She went via extremely specialized testing, which conclusively showed that her body was transmitting radio wave alerts to an unknown receiver. [1, 3]

She had ache, bloody ears, noises in her head, and numerous different unexplained symptoms. She needed to defend herself from frequency transmissions, take 75 drugs a day, and sit in a sauna for an hour a day for 3 months to be able to get the stuff to interrupt up. [3]

Ultimately extremely sensitive scientific devices confirmed that her physique was not emitting frequencies. [1, 3]

Psychological Evaluation

Keri Burnor arranged for an in depth psychological analysis. The evaluation confirmed that she was not delusional, paranoid, schizophrenic, or irregular in some other method. [1, 3, 4]

Based mostly on scientific evidence of getting been uncovered to army grade nanotechnology and having had that know-how cleared from her body, the doctor concluded that her psychological standing was normal. [1, 3, 4]

These are Keri Burnor’s feedback about why this happened to her. She said:

I consider it was because I uncovered St. Joseph’s Abbey as a CIA entrance. Not all the monks are dangerous or all the monks are CIA covers, but there isn’t any question in my thoughts now that the monastery was erected for a selected function and it is related to nationwide security.

The monastery was defending those who have been conducting thoughts management MK ultra experiments. They used youngsters for this. [3]

Further Attempts on Her Life

Keri Burnor then began being stalked by numerous men. She took a close-up photograph of considered one of the men and gave it to the personal investigator she employed to maintain her protected. He found that the man was a world hired assassin. [3]

The personal investigator was then picked up and chained to a chair and subjected to four hours of questioning. One among her attorneys was crushed close to the level of dying and the lives of different attorneys have been threatened. [3]

In any case this, the personal investigator suggested Keri Burnor to assume an alias and go into hiding. He helped her do this and she spent greater than 5 years on the run. [3]

There were quite a few different makes an attempt on her life. Certainly one of which involved the spraying of her automotive’s interior with nanotechnology. Laboratory exams confirmed that the nanotechnology was designed to promote the speedy onset of three kinds of cancer, which might have prompted dying in as soon as 30 days. [1, 3]

Keri Burnor now works with different focused people who have been deliberately exposed to army grade nanotechnology to assist them detoxify the know-how from their our bodies and to restore them to health. [5, 6]

How can Nanotechnology grow to be a Weapon towards the Basic Public?

It is perhaps straightforward to assume that Keri Burnor’s story is unique, as a result of she was particularly focused for dying because of what she knew. Nevertheless, that may be a misguided assumption.

The reality is – we’re all being exposed to nanotechnology each day via the air we breathe, the water we drink, the meals we eat, the prescription drugs and supplements we take, and in fact via vaccines. This is not army grade nanotechnology, nevertheless it nonetheless can turn out to be a weapon towards individuals.

Over time, nano exposure, when mixed with radiation from the 5-G system, will grow to be a mechanism of human management and even turn into a menace to our lives.

Sensible Cities shall be the Command Middle for Human Management

I have beforehand written extensively about 5-G and its risks. I have mentioned numerous reasons for the international fervor about deploying the 5-G system as fast as potential to create “Smart Cities.” See:

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Can New 5G Know-how and Sensible Meters be Used as Weapons?

Based mostly on my current investigations, I now see a fair deeper plan behind the Sensible Cities movement. It’s about concentrating on us all for control, and when needed, concentrating on us for elimination.

We’re all being focused, not because of what we know, but because that is the plan of the deep state to handle and control all human life. This is the ultimate goal of “Smart Cities.”

The actual agenda behind Sensible Cities isn’t fast internet downloads and self-driving automobiles! The actual agenda of the Sensible Cities motion is to regulate what we expect and how we behave. It’s about holding tabs on our physical places and to ensure we don’t do anything aside from the jobs that we have now been assigned.

Finally, the controllers of the worldwide community of Sensible Cities will determine who lives and who dies. They’ll kill by way of targeted use of the 5-G Sensible grid. They’ll stimulate accelerated illness progression – unexplained coronary heart assaults, speedy onset cancer, untreatable flu, and set off melancholy and suicide.

For many who want more proof, I refer you to a page of U.S. patents describing some of the know-how that has already been designed to watch human exercise from a distance and to affect human exercise.

November 15, 2015 – Invasive Tech Patents

How is this Attainable? – How will this be Completed?

To answer these questions, we need to begin by taking a look at the nature of nano substances.

Nano buildings are constructed up from nano particles. They are assembled to type nano crystals, nano films, nano wires, nano tubes, and so on.

Nano particles are very tiny. The measurement of the smallest dimension will probably be between 1 NM (nano-meter) and 100 NM. One nano meter is 1 billionth of an inch. A human hair is between 50,000 NM and 100,000 NM thick. [7]

Other elements of nanotechnology are viral-like fragments, which include XNA. The laboratory manufactured XNA elements will insert themselves into human cells and take over the functioning of a few of the DNA and RNA which are the constructing blocks of our genetic materials. XNA is chemically very similar to DNA and might be easily included into human cells and can reproduce itself. [9]

Nano Particles don’t Behave like Bigger Particles

The character of nano buildings is to collect together. When circumstances are good, they may turn into self-assembling. [7, 8, 9]

In different words, they may be a part of collectively in planned configurations to type know-how that can be used for quite a lot of functions. [7, 8, 9]

Nano materials are much more likely to be poisonous to human life despite the fact that larger particles of the similar materials will not be dangerous. [10]

Three Phases of Improvement Leading to Sensible Metropolis Management over Human Life

There are three phases to this program – expose, exchange, and activate.

This complete course of turned potential when our immune methods have been disarmed by glyphosate, the lively ingredient in the world’s most generally used herbicide. This allowed nanotechnology to enter our bodies and our cells to reload new info into our genetic code. [11]

Once the info is absolutely loaded it can be activated by frequencies. Not the Gigahertz frequencies that might be utilized in 5-G, however by the next degree up – Terahertz frequencies, although the similar 5-G hardware could also be used to beam terahertz frequencies at our bodies. [11]

When an individual is targeted for activation he’ll expertise signs corresponding to: ache and aching, feeling like you’re on hearth, feeling like electric shocks are shifting by means of your physique, experiencing extreme fatigue, feeling bodily and emotionally drained, and feeling as if in case you have been crushed up and taken out of motion.

You’ll be overwhelmed by thoughts that inform you it’s unattainable to resist or stop what is occurring – so simply surrender. [11]

It is very important know that there are countermeasures that may be taken at the present time to scale back nano from the human body and if the point has been reached where activation is in course of, it is still potential to resist and recuperate. The state of affairs just isn’t hopeless. [11]

Publicity to Nano – It can’t be Prevented

There are at the very least six sources of publicity to nano materials. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the prescription drugs and supplements we take, and in fact vaccines.

Historically, the starting point for a big portion of our publicity to nano substances got here from aerial spraying packages. Numerous substances have been sprayed into the environment for many many years some of that are nano measurement supplies.

This geoengineering program (chemtrails) is supposedly designed to guard us and the Earth from the results of the sun in an age of elevated atmospheric carbon. This propaganda campaign is designed to convince us that human use of fossil fuels is the reason for disruptions in the Earth’s climate.

Earlier articles on geoengineering:

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The aerial spraying program consists of each excessive altitude and lower altitude particle releases.

The high-altitude spraying seems to be extra about supplying materials that benefits the HARP program, [11] which is a directed power weapon system that is utilized by the U.S. authorities and the Canadian authorities [12] to stop rain, or to create damaging storms, floods, earthquakes, and fires.

The lower altitude spraying seems to be releasing particles which are meant to contaminate or expose human beings to nano substances of varied varieties.

These substances enter our bodies once we breathe. These substances additionally fall into the water we drink and are taken up by crops into their methods. These substances acquire on our skin and are troublesome to remove. They coat the leaves of crops and can’t be washed off. Nothing can escape this publicity. [12]

As well as, nano substances are deliberately added to hundreds of manufactured meals and cosmetics as colorings, flavorings, preservatives, and stabilizers.

Products that include glyphosate residue akin to most grains produced in the United States (both organic and non-organic) also include nano substances which are plant adjuvants. These nano plant adjuvants make the herbicide work more effectively and can’t be faraway from the grain. [12]

Nano titanium dioxide is added to many prescription drugs and even dietary supplements to facilitate absorption of different substances in the tablets and capsules.

Most colloidal merchandise comparable to colloidal silver, gold, zinc, and other metals now include nano particles of these metals. They not include moderately giant particles of the metals, which the physique can simply excrete. Nano-sized particles behave very in another way in the physique. As an alternative of providing health giving advantages, nano measurement metals act like toxins. [12]

Placing the Items Together

So, all human beings on the planet have been and are being uncovered to the constructing blocks of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is slowly and systematically being built up in our our bodies.

When the 5-G system gets absolutely carried out it is going to secretly use terahertz frequencies to activate and utilize the nanotechnology that has been included in our bodies.

The nanotechnology has the potential to obtain and transmit knowledge, affect our minds, and exert dangerous effects depending on the will of those that control the system of Sensible Cities.

Self-Repairing and Self-Reproducing Know-how

Nanotechnology isn’t solely self-assembling – additionally it is self-repairing and self-reproducing. [12]

Because of this even if we might encompass ourselves with a bubble and one way or the other solely eat unadulterated nano-free meals and water, we’ll still need to deal with present nanotechnology in our our bodies that may search to maintain expanding its presence.

Finally Everybody Could possibly be Focused for Activation

In the future when the methods of 5-G and nanotechnology are absolutely activated, we might all be targeted individuals. Not just some dissenters and outspoken individuals, however all of us might be potential targets – to be used, influenced, abused, and destroyed based mostly on the will of those who handle the actions of the deep state for the sake of the larger good.

New 5-G Documentary

I interviewed filmmaker Sacha Stone in January of 2019 when he was in the strategy of ending his newest movie. His identify will in all probability be acquainted to you in case you learn the Well being Impression News article about the International Tribunal on Pure Regulation, which has been gathering evidence about baby trafficking and baby sacrifices during the final yr. See:

800Okay Youngsters in the U.S. Lacking Each Yr – International Tribunal Exposes Pedophilia Drawback – Victims Testify of Baby Intercourse Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse

Former Catholic Nun Keri Burnor’s testimony that we referenced at the starting of this article is a part of this Tribunal’s efforts.

Throughout my interview with Sacha Stone, we discussed a variety of subjects which included the position of the Vatican in world politics, the under-reporting of youngsters who are being trafficked and sacrificed in satanic rituals, and his newest documentary on the matter of 5-G, which was in the means of being completed at the moment.

His new documentary was released to the public at the starting of April and is entitled: 5G APOCALYPSE – THE EXTINCTION EVENT – Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity.

Sacha Stone described the movie. He said:

I’m about to release a movie on the material of 5-G. In the movie I interviewed weapons improvement specialists and world main molecular biologists. The film speaks to the fact of what’s going on with phased array antennas and interrogation know-how.

Placing phased array antennas in orbit round the Earth is about the most godless and frankly depraved thing our governments might do. They do not know of what they’re doing, as a result of they are comprised of a physique of technocrats and bureaucrats – they are merely pen-pushing functionaries. The people who find themselves driving the features that those individuals undertake are vested and nested particular pursuits.

Behind those vested and nested particular pursuits are invariably occultic interests. Once more, that takes us back to the Vatican complicated and the Jesuitical complicated of issues. [13]

Watch Sacha Stone’s Documentary:

Countermeasures Designed to Overcome the Latest Weapon System

It shouldn’t be assumed that our exposure to nanotechnology and the 5-G system represents a hopeless state of affairs.

To start with, there’s a small motion to reject 5-G. The town of Brussels has rejected the set up of the 5-G community. [14]

Maybe this can be a starting level for a motion that other cities will comply with.

As Keri Burnor discovered, it is potential to excrete nanotechnology from the body. I found gear for helping the physique get rid of nanotechnology which may be built at residence. Taking baths with sure components can remove nano materials. There are also many ways that can be used to block gigahertz and terahertz electromagnetic frequencies from getting into our houses and workplaces.

For these of us who value the clear functioning of our minds and need to shield ourselves from thought control, emotional lethargy, persistent disabling pain, paralysis of the will, and demise from this technique – we will need to take robust steps to protect ourselves and our families.

As the 5-G system is carried out round the world – together with 5-G from satellites, we’ll not have the ability to go to distant places with the hope of escaping EMF publicity.

We also can’t avoid nano contamination. All of us have been contaminated with nano substances from numerous sources, including even natural meals.

The excellent news is that it is potential to expel nanotechnology from the physique and to stop nano from reaching a degree the place it can be activated with terahertz frequencies.

Future articles will tackle a few of the issues that we will do to scale back our publicity to nano substances and our exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

The longer term may be grim for humanity, however we don’t have to lay down, roll over, play lifeless, and wait till the latest weapon system takes management over our minds and brings us to an early grave. There are steps we will take to protect and preserve our lives and our freedoms.

The first step is awareness, and that’s the fundamental objective of this article.

About the Writer

John P. Thomas is a health writer for Well being Influence News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the College of Michigan, and a Grasp of Science in Public Well being (M.S.P.H.) from the Faculty of Public Health, Division of Health Administration, at the College of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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